26e Fitzroy street Walcha, New South Wales 2354

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Walcha Royal Cafe

Located at : 26e Fitzroy Street, Walcha NSW Australia 2354

To book accommodation phone us on : 0447 601 025

For general enquiries phone : (02) 6777 1117

Email us : walchacafe@optusnet.com.au

If you are traveling from Sydney, the quickest and most scenic route to drive/ride to Walcha is up the Newcastle Expressway onto the Pacific Highway via Hexham, Raymond Terrace, Stroud, Gloucester and Barrington. Approximately 16km north of Raymond Terrace on the Pacific Highway, you TURN LEFT on the Bucket’s Way to Gloucester and Stroud. Travel through Gloucester, Stroud and Barrington and approximately 1.5km north of Barrington you TURN RIGHT where the sign says Walcha. Walcha is approximately 142 kms from Barrington. This is the most scenic part of your journey where you cross several rivers and slowly climb up into the New England Ranges with wonderful views of the Giro Valley and mountains as you drive/ride. You eventually get to the Walcha Shire and then begin driving through very picturesque and fertile grazing land where you will see some of the best cattle and sheep grazing country in NSW you are now entering some of the best motorcycling roads in Australia.